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Ladakh Once In A Lifetime

Leh and Ladakh is not an ordinary holiday, but it is an eternity experience. You have to visit Leh Ladakh once in a lifetime, whether you are an admirer of nature or an adventure enthusiast. We’ve got great packages from Leh-Ladakh just to save you from research. There are tons of things to do in Ladakh, along with appreciating nature.

Blessed Nature

Surrounded by the Himalayan and Karakoram peaks, Ladakh is a hilltop encrusted with large turquoise lakes in the shades of red, green, orange and gray. With the brightest snow and lush green vegetation, the rocky landscape under the stellar sky makes the Ladakh Valley a scenic beauty.

The soul’s food

Actually yes, this happens when you eat Ladakh’s momos and thukpas. Not only is this food made for the stomach’s appetite, but it is intended for the soul. The valley’s mystical spices on the momos and smashing red chilies in the thukpa bowl will give you comfort from within.


At local festivals such as Hemis, Losar, Phyang, and Dosmoche, visiting Ladakh will quadruple the glee of the trip. With all the upbeat music, dance, and art, these festivals are vibrant enough to awaken the explorer in you. Watching masked Lamas dancing on drum and trumpet beats will give an experience out of the world.


Ladakh is recognized as a residence in India for ancient Buddhist monasteries and Gompas who pioneered Buddhism. You will have the opportunity to experience their rituals, artistic architecture, ancient manuscripts and antiques such as murals, thangkas, and statues while visiting the monasteries.

Pangong Lake

Pangong is a seraphic lake where paradise blue and earth blend together. It’s a wide open space where you’ll get away from all the world’s worries and troubles with nature. It is often described by the people who visited Pangong as a place where they became totally speechless.

The magnetic hill

On the way to Kargil, the magnetic hill is 30 km from Leh. All you have to do at this point is turn off your car or put it on the neutral. Slowly, the car will start moving uphill with a speed of 10-20 kmph. This is a natural phenomenon due to the natural minerals of mountain rocks created by the magnetic field

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