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The All New E-Passport

What Exactly Is An E-Passport?

Also known as a biometric passport or a digital passport, an electronic passport will have all your particulars digitally signed and stored in a chip. Apart from this, the chip will also have additional biometric information including iris and fingerprint scans of an individual. In case of anyone tampering with the chip, the system will be able to easily identify which further results in the passport authentication failure. All the information is stored and secured in the chip.In such a way that cannot be read without any physical possession of the passport.

Salient Features of the Much-Talked E-Passport

  • The e-passport chip will have 64 kilobytes of memory space. It can save up to 30 visits and international movement.
  • It will have thicker back and front covers, where the back cover will have a small silicon chip.
  • The testingĀ  conducted in US government laboratory
  • The identity of the passport holder will be verified via a secured code.
  • The reading will beĀ  within seconds, which will help in saving a lot of time at the immigration counter.
  • The e-passport will store a photograph of the holder and eventually the fingerprints too.

The manufacture of the e-passport with enhanced security features will commence with better paper and printing quality.

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