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Top 10 Pro Packing Hacks For Your Next Trip

The idea of going on a holiday is so exciting! We can’t hold our joy for the one, but only in the thought of packing our happiness is cut short. To pack it or not to storms our world and I can totally relate with you, if you feel like that.To save you time, effort and save you from the hardships below is the best backpacking hacks/trips.

1. Make a packing list

In fact, making a list can help you to save space and avoid missing things. Do you need this during your trip, ask yourself? If so then hold it and if not then let it go . Even after that, if there is some space left, prioritize things.

2. Visualize your trip and coordinate your outfits accordingly

Try to visualize all the activities and organize the tours accordingly, the days of your holiday.Coordinate the outfits so that the dresses can be mixed and matched. This saves space for your bag and gives you a new look every day with the same clothes.

3. Don’t Fold them, Roll Them!

Save your effort to ply and then stack your clothes in the case. Instead, roll them! Rolling out the outfits prevents plucking and provides space for other things that you can go on holiday.

4. Keep electronic cables and earphones in sunglass case to avoid tangling

To keep the wires, use a pencil box or sunglass box. The cables can also be rolled into a pencil / shades / hair brush to prevent tangling.

5. Keep your jewelry in a pill container

Small pieces of jewelry get lost easily or fall off the bag. Take them in a pill box to avoid your valuable jewelry. Put a pair of earrings or rings in one cabinet, for example. Not only will this hack help organize your stuff, but it will also keep your favorite pieces free.

6. Under Garments in a separate compartment

Keep the underwear and socks in a separate suitcase compartment to avoid trouble when unpacking. In addition, if your bag gets lost, keep a pair or two in the handbag.

7. Make a list of electronics

Create a list of equipment for your journey. Try bringing extra memory cards and batteries and avoid things like a tripod.
Purchase a small bag where all your electronic items are stored in one place. And the best thing is that you don’t have to scout the entire bag to take a shot.

8. Carry your medicines in one bag along with the prescriptions

It is important to carry a prescription copy of your medicines because some drugs can be unlawful in some countries and can suspect the officials. It is therefore recommended to carry a copy of the prescription and only 90 days of medicines for an easy customs and immigration process.

9. Toiletries

To save space in your baggage, pack products of travel size or sample size items. Whether it’s toiletries, make-up or anything else-do not carry liquid bottles like shampoos. They may burst because of the air pressure inside your suitcase, which causes a havoc.

10. Get yourself a water bottle and some snacks

Flights can take longer, and food in trains and buses can not be trusted. For your journey, carry a few packaged foods like chips, nuts, candy, granola, etc.

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