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Where to go this summer ?

When the cold winds break and the spring comes, nature restores happiness as summer. Another reason everybody loves summer is holidays. The time of the year you keep away all the work and have quality time with your loved ones.The destination for summer holidays must be exceptional, either a person on the beach or a mountain.


What you need to wash all the winter blues is the picturesque beaches, mountains and local delicacies over here. Spain is an art lover, a party animal or an explorer for everyone. With the best museums in the world, Barcelona is famous for its amazing architecture and art.
Mallorca and Costa Brava are places to enjoy Mediterranean weather for people who love to bask in the sun. These places are a paradise with surroundings of beach, sand and lush green. Finally, the destination of the party and Ibiza’s hedonistic heaven. There are some of the best clubs in this city that make it the world’s party capital.


Another beautiful European country with a rich history and cultural heritage of the French Riviera is a favorite holiday spot for holidaymakers all over the world. If you are planning a shopping holiday in Paris and visit the world’s largest Louvre museum, extend your trip to visit Corsica-the island of beauty for a couple of days. Life here is very modest, have breakfast, wear comfortable shoes, and just explore the city’s dense forest and time-forgotten surroundings.


Everyone is in love with amazing mountain country called Switzerland. The country’s greenery will leave you breathless. This is an adventurers ‘ perfect holiday spot as the Swiss Alps calls them to feel the rush of adrenaline. Zermatt is a small town on the foothills of the mountains that has recently become a favorite for people who love skiing, hiking and extreme sports to spend their summers.


This small island in the Indian Ocean has always been at the top of the list of trippers around the globe. For tourists looking for adventure, natural beauty, self-pampering and shopping in just one place, Mauritius is a one-stop. With stunning restaurants and shopping spots, the whole country is developed to be a perfect holiday spot. Lovers of adventure can visit Île aux Cerfs, a private island where water sports can be enjoyed. Mauritius is one of the few holiday spots that a whole family can enjoy, from grandparents to kids. The list above is our tiny attempt to introduce you to the best destination for summer holidays.

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